Ultimate Guide on How To Tint Your Car’s Windows

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Window tinting is a brilliant choice if you are searching for a way to achieve a high level of privacy while protecting your vehicle. It gives your vehicle a stunning appearance while protecting you and your vehicle from external factors. There are various car owners who prefer applying tints to their car windows as it holds plenty of advantages for their vehicles.

Some people prefer to hire an experienced service to tint their car’s windows professionally while others prefer doing it by themselves. Whether you are looking for a professional detailer or a guide to follow to tint your vehicle’s windows by yourself, we will aid you with that. This article will provide you with a detailed guide about window tinting and how to apply it.

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What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is the process of installing a thin laminate film made from a polyester base to vehicles’ windows. Car window tinting provides car owners with plenty of advantages. When you tint your car’s windows, you will protect your vehicle’s interior from UV rays. UV rays have a harmful effect on us and our vehicles. According to the type and quality of the window film or tint, window tinting can prevent these harmful rays from penetrating keeping you protected.

Tinting your windows will aid in keeping your vehicle cooler on a hot sunny day while providing you with a high level of privacy. Tinting car windows give vehicles a stunning appearance while protecting them. This means if you are looking for a way to prevent sun rays from penetrating your vehicle’s interior while enhancing its appearance, tinting your car’s windows is your ideal choice. There are various supplies you will need to tint car windows perfectly.

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What You Need To Tint Car Windows?

When you decide to tint your car’s windows, you need some supplies to do it perfectly. You will need a window film or tint, soapy water, a razor knife, a razor blade, a cleaning cloth, a squeegee, a scraper, and a heat gun. If you want to achieve the maximum result, it is always recommended to tint your vehicle’s windows on a day that has cool weather with no dust.

There are various window tinting kits that you can purchase online such as Luxiv car window tint kit to skip all the hassles. Tinting kits will provide you with all the necessary tools and supplies that will help you to successfully apply the tint to your vehicle’s windows. You will simply follow the instructions to get the best results. However, it is always recommended to be familiar with the process before applying the film to avoid any surprises.

How To Tint Car Windows?

1. Prepare the Windows

To tint car windows successfully, you need to follow some steps. First, you need to prepare your windows for the process. You need a clean and dry environment to work in it to prevent dust and dirt from mixing with the tinting. Next, you need to start removing any stickers on the windows to ease the process. Then, you need to start cleaning your windows with soapy water and a razor blade to scrape away any dirt and finally dry the window with a cleaning cloth.

2. Cutting and Measuring the Tint

After finishing cleaning and preparing your windows for the process, you will start measuring and cutting the tint. Spray the exterior of the window with soapy water to help the tinting temporarily adhere and quickly remove it to be applied in place. Place the tint on the exterior of the window so it fully covers it. Use the razor knife or blade to cut a piece of the tint with extra edges. Next, you need to spray the front of the film with water.

After that, take the razor knife and cut the tint according to the window’s size to make sure that the tint fits perfectly. Next, you need to pull the film towards the left edge and then cut the right edge and slide the tint halfway back toward the center. After that, you need to pull the film down about one inch, so that the bottom edge is lower than the window. Next, you need to lower the window by about half an inch, then use the window’s top to cut the film perfectly.

Next, you need to remove and cut away any excessive film. Replace the film with the window to make sure it fits the car’s window perfectly. It's okay to have some extra pieces of film on every edge. Finally, you need to use the gun heat and a hard card to push the bubbles to the bottom from the top to the bottom. The previous steps were all for cutting and measuring the tint to apply it to your car perfectly. Now, you will start applying the tint.

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3. Applying the Tint

To apply the tint, you need to prepare the window’s interior with soapy water and a squeegee. Next, head to the window's exterior, remove the top half’s release liner of the tinting film, and spray the exposed part with water. Then, go back to the window’s interior and stick the top of the tint to the window. Next, you need to fold the tint to work underneath the seal and spray down the window again, then use the hard edge to push the water out the edges.

Next, you need to roll the window up and spray the exposed part of the window with soapy water. Then, you need to remove the last half of the release liner from the tinting film and spray the exposed tint with water to apply the remaining part to the window. Fold the bottom of the tint into the bottom seal using your fingers and the hard edge. Finally, use the hard edge to remove any excess bubbles and water to successfully tint your window.

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FAQs About Car Window Tinting

How Long Does it Take to Tint the Vehicle’s Windows?

The time required to tint car windows varies from one vehicle to another. However, the average installation time is from an hour to 3 or more depending on some factors. According to the vehicle’s type, condition, the number of detailers working on the vehicle, and the proficiency of the service you choose, the time of the installation process will definitely vary.

Is The Tint Applied on the Interior and Exterior of the Car’s Windows?

Window tint is typically installed on the interior of a vehicle's windows to protect cars from harmful elements. When you tint your vehicle’s windows, you will not worry about rocks scratching or UV rays. If you choose to tint the interior of your car’s windows, you will enjoy more secure and safe rides. Window tinting does not only offer privacy and protection from UV rays, it also provides your vehicle with a fascinating appearance.

How Long Does Window Tinting Last?

The average time window tinting can last is about 5 to 7 years according to some factors. Depending on the type and quality of tint or film applied, the vehicle’s condition, and the experience of the applier, the lifespan of the tinting will vary greatly. To keep your vehicle protected for a long time, it is highly recommended to hire a professional detailer to tint your windows flawlessly without any mistakes.

Can I Wash the Vehicle Right After Installation?

You can wash the exterior of the vehicle right after the installation process as the film is only applied to the interior of the car, not the exterior. Do not worry if it rains or your exterior is wet for any reason as long as the interior is not affected. When you wash the vehicle make sure not to wash your vehicle’s interior. It is recommended to leave your car’s interior uncleaned for about a week after installation to get the best results.

How Much Does Tinting Car’s Windows Cost?

The average price of window tinting range from $100 to $400 to tint the entire vehicle. The cost to tint car windows varies depending on various factors. The type of film and the size and type of vehicle will definitely affect the overall price. If you consider hiring a reliable service to tint your vehicle, you can contact them and ask about their prices and the service included to know exactly what you are paying for.

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