Paint Correction

Professional removal of deep scratches, bird/bug droppings, and swirl marks. 

Paint Correction

Paint deterioration defects are a natural consequence of a car’s aging process and lack of maintenance. This includes deep scratches, bird/bug droppings, and swirl marks. 

PAD offers restoration, preservation and ongoing care of your vehicle’s exterior.

We use the latest state of the art machinery and also the right methodology to bring back your vehicle’s paint correction to factory finish! You’ll be stunned at the difference it can make!

Per Stage
Starting at
  • Eliminates the Following:
  • Scratches & Swirl Marks
  • Bird Dropping Etching
  • Oxidation and Fading
  • Water Spot Damage
  • Paint Holograms
  • Automatic Car Wash

Paint Correction FAQs

There are plenty of external elements and environmental factors that cause paint defects, such as dust, rain, debris, UV rays, and more that can cause damage to vehicles.

Paint correction can remove a wide variety of defects such as swirl marks, marring, scratches, bird droppings, light to medium water spots, road tar, tree sap, paint oxidation, ultraviolet fading, and more.

Technically, yes, paint correction removes paint from vehicles but a small amount from the clear coat layer. During the paint correction process, professionals ensure they are provided with the proper measurements of paint to safely polish and remove the small amount of the clear coat layer from vehicles.

Paint correction process can take from 6 hours to 20 plus hours because of its multiple stages of compound and polish. Paint correction process’s duration varies depending on the vehicle’s type, size, and condition as each vehicle has different conditions. You can also search for “paint correction near me” to find the nearest service to save time and effort.

Paint correction permanently removes damages such as scratches, marring, swirl marks, and more on the vehicle’s exterior surface. On the other hand, paint protection is one of the most effective ways to preserve and protect the appearance of a vehicle’s exterior for a long time by using special products and materials. Paint protection also makes maintaining and cleaning vehicles much easier while ensuring their safety.

No, paint correction is not permanent but the defects such as swirls and scratches that are removed during the paint correction process are permanently removed. An effective paint correction from a skilled and experienced car detailing service can last for over three years. Put in mind, whenever you notice any new scratches, swirl marks, or any other defects, consider hiring a paint correction Richmond Hill service immediately.

The average paint correction cost is $500, and it can cost up to $3000, according to the vehicle’s condition, size, and type of protection the client decides to go over the paint. According to these factors, your car detailing cost will be determined.

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