How to Restore Black Plastic Trim?

black plastic trim car

Over time, the black plastic trim on your car’s interior and exterior loses its glow and to restore black trim can be tricky and difficult. Having a good-looking car is what we all are looking for. You don’t want to get embarrassed by the appearance of your vehicle at a special event. There are important methods to successfully restore black plastic trim without losing money or time. Read on to know more about black plastic trim and methods of restoring it.

What Is Black Plastic Trim?

Black plastic trim is extruded linear profiles that are applied to the exterior and interior of vehicles to give them a glowing and shining rich black color. Most car owners prefer black plastic trim to give their vehicles a fascinating appearance. Unfortunately over time, the black plastic trim starts to get dirty and scratched which leads to losing its glorious black color. Because of external contaminants such as dirt, chemicals, sun rays, water drops, and more, the black plastic trim deteriorates. 

The black plastic trim is unpainted which makes it unprotected against external elements. The trim starts slowly to change its color and fade. There are some ways that can restore black plastic trim on your vehicle. These methods can help in restoring the previous look of your vehicle without spending much money or wasting your time.

5 Methods to Restore Black Plastic Trim

To restore black plastic trim on your vehicle, you can simply follow one of these amazing methods. You can choose the best method according to you. Let’s check each one of them:

1. Use Oily Substances

Most people recommend using peanut butter to restore the black plastic trim. This is because the oils found in the peanut butter help in restoring the trim. Of course, it is not recommended to use peanut butter as it will leave your car sticky. You can simply use oily substances that will aid in restoring the black plastic trim. After using oil, clean and allow it to dry to get the best results. 

2. Use Heat Gun

One of the ways to restore the black plastic trim is using a heat gun. Don’t get frustrated, it is a simple and effective way that won’t harm your vehicle. By heating the area you want to restore the black plastic trim, the oils within the plastic materials will restore its blackish color. However, do not leave the heat gun in one place for too long as it could damage the plastic. 

3. Apply a Dressing

To restore black plastic trim, you can apply a dressing. A dressing will require constant application every time you wash your vehicle. After applying the dressing, your vehicle will look stunning but after a couple of weeks, it will lose its appearance. This method is not highly recommended as it takes a long time and won’t last long.

4. Repaint the Trim

One of the most effective methods is repainting the black plastic trim. It requires time and effort but the results will dazzle you. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can paint the black plastic trim. You can remove the trim and wash it perfectly then leave it to dry for the best results.  

5. Use Restoring Products 

If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to restore black plastic trim, you can use one of the restoring products out there. There are plenty of products that you can find effective. Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer, VRP, Carfidant Trim & Plastic Restorer, and more are highly-rated products to restore black plastic trim.

Restore Black Plastic Trim Without a Hassle 

After knowing the 5 methods to restore black plastic trim, you can choose the ideal method that suits you the best. You can restore the trim from the comfort of your home effectively without any hassles. However, some people prefer to leave things to a professional car detailing service such as Prestige Auto Detailing. You can check PAD services to find the best according to your needs.