How To Get The Best Outcome From Car Detailing Business

The value of time cannot be overstated. As a general rule, the more time and effort you invest into your various automobile detailing services, the more money you’ll be able to make. If you’re in the business of offering a service like an automobile detailing, one of the biggest obstacles to long-term success is making the most of your service output.

To generate as much income as possible in a given workday, there are only so many hours in the day. Reducing the frequency with which you enter and exit a customer’s car, for example, might result in significant amounts of wasted time and, consequently, lost money.

Additionally, automating your booking procedures may significantly minimize the amount of time spent on the phone, which can result in wasted hours per day that could otherwise be spent on car cleaning.

Our Detailing History

For the past ten years, our auto cleaning firm has relied on these five real-world suggestions to help us maximize our productivity. Tips based on personal experience may differ depending on the result you are aiming for.

As a last note, I’d like to point you that we provide an online auto detailing course for a very reasonable price. In just two weeks, we’re able to train new employees who have no prior knowledge of auto detailing. Some of the information on this page is covered in the course. It’s a good one, so have fun!

My brother and I took a three-day paint correction course in Quebec in 2009 to give you some context. Neither significant Facebook groups for detailing nor other resources for learning about auto detailing existed at the time in Canada. For us, the three-day training on basic auto detailing and paint correction opened our eyes to a new viewpoint.

When we returned from our three-day training session, we immediately put some of the new approaches we learned to use in our daily work. Service techniques that have been in existence since the beginning of time include:

Express Buff Paint Correction used a low rpm polishing speed (mainly snow brush marks). This service remains available as a stand-alone service or as part of our highest-level automobile detailing package.

We cut the time it took to conduct interior detailing by almost 20 minutes using the tornado detail tool, which combines cleaning solution with compressed air.

Clean chamois and microfiber are used for streak-free window washing, reducing the number of cleaning redos due to streaks. Previously, we had relied on a paper towel, but it wasn’t always the greatest option.

We learned a great deal in just three days. I believe the cost per individual was around $1500 at the time, but when you invest in yourself, great things can happen.

Equipment and supplies for car detailing should be purchased

Equipping yourself with the right auto cleaning tools and materials. It takes time to research and test various items for one reason (wheel cleaners, degreaser, car soap, polishing compound, ceramic coatings, waxes, sealants, etc.). A wide range of supplies is needed to complete your basic in-and-out detail service, as you can see!

Choosing the Right Product or Tool Can Be Difficult

Don’t overcomplicate things. To begin, there’s no need for a complex collection of products and tools. Begin by breaking down your automobile detailing services into the simplest of jobs, then work your way up from there.

Consider a wet/dry vacuum, for example, if you’re finishing up interior details. With the use of a wet/dry vacuum, low-foam wash solution, and a scrub brush, you may then add spot shampoo service.

To summarize, it’s a good idea to start small and work your way up. In the early stages of expanding your auto detailing business, this helps keep you on track. Once you’ve mastered the basics of automobile detailing and are generating consistently high-quality results, it’s time to add products and tools to your arsenal.

You’ll need these items to get started with your automobile detailing service business:

  • The ideal interior cleaning tool is a wet/dry vacuum. Manual spot shampooing is also possible with the wet/dry option.
  • It’s not too pricey, and it makes basic paint protection a snap with the Porter-Cable 6-inch variable speed polisher.
  • You don’t need to buy commercial-grade pressure washers until you get a lot of customers. It is preferable to use an electric power washer to remove the most basic filth from your wheels and car.
  • All-in-one solution: Gtechniq Essential Maintenance Kit — a one-stop-shop for exterior washes. Top-line product is an excellent place to begin for DIY and establish a consumer base.
  • In addition, wash mitts, chamois, paint protection, and cleaning treatments for the inside (window, vinyl, fabric & leather) should be considered. Keep in mind that you don’t want to overburden yourself initially.

How to Climb the Car Detailing Tool and Product Mountain

We’ve put up a cheat sheet to help you figure out which automobile cleaning items are vital for your business:

Have a chat with your neighborhood vendor about the situation and get their opinion; they may know both their customers and others.

  1. Join Facebook groups and start asking questions about purchasing things you’re interested in. You’ll receive better answers if you join communities with more industry experience, such as Detail Guardians, Detailing Business Professionals, and Car Care Coaches.
  2. For product reviews and comparisons on YouTube, use the search function. The following are some examples: The Auto Detailing Podcast with Pan the Organizer
  3. Use of a search engine such as Google. We’re hoping you’ve found our website or something similar with some product insight. Take our low-cost online auto detailing course to learn about typical items and equipment needed to run a vehicle detailing business!

For Your Car Detailing Business, Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a great training tool for new employees and ensures a consistent customer experience. This part will further detail how developing an SOP can significantly save the time it takes to complete all of the services you make them for.

First SOPs were put in place in 2009, based on personal experience. Afterward, my brother and I attended the three-day paint correction course discussed earlier in this post.

It took us the greater part of the winter to build up, revise, and deploy our first set of SOPs. We realized in the spring that we would need to recruit more people and that developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) would be helpful for both training and quality control. Increasing speed and reducing time-to-completion on all services was something we didn’t take into account.

What is a standard operating procedure (SOP)?

Detailed instructions on how to provide a particular service are provided in a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). It’s possible to have the same outcomes if you follow each step to the letter. By adhering to your SOPs and executing the same activities in the same order each time, you’ll be able to increase quality control and efficiency.

Why Buy Only A Brand New Tesla?

When your Tesla is exposed to the elements and other residues, it, too, can sustain cosmetic damage, including paint chips, scratches, and other blemishes.

It takes more than a wash and wax to keep your Tesla’s body and paint in good condition. A chemical bond envelops the paint in the ceramic coating, making it indestructible. Because automobile wax protects only the paint, it goes off in weeks.

Increasing Your Productivity by Refining Your Skill Set

After completing our three-day paint correction course, we had to practice what we had learned. Rather than a problem, the challenge was to combine our existing abilities with new ones to make our services even more valuable.

Our biggest challenge was realizing how many additional service implementation options are opened up when learning something new. In the end, we found success by concentrating our efforts on improving and expanding upon what was already working in our detailing company while also introducing additional service options.

We sowed the seeds for setting up our SOPs by taking the paint correction course, and as a consequence, our auto detailing business became more productive.

Efficiency Faster service times are a result of this.

Time and labor are the two most important aspects in determining the profitability of your auto cleaning business. We were surprised at how much faster some services became after establishing, improving, and finally putting into practice our SOPs. We could do this by eliminating duplicate work, learning new skills, and using cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Examples that sprang to mind were:

Extractor Machines – yep, all interior shampoo was done manually in the early years (2004-2006). I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to avoid going the manual path. To finish our interior shampoo services, we saved approximately an hour of work time by switching to extractor equipment.

Why use a dual-action polisher? Usability and comfort are the easy answer. We utilized a Makita rotary polisher for a long period for paint repair. The changeover resulted in a more efficient and high-quality product.

Before using the Tornador Detail Tool, we employed cotton swabs to detail the inside nooks and crannies of our vehicles’ interior. The quality of the results and the time it takes to finish have improved dramatically.

Yes, incorporating technology into your auto detailing firm may indeed improve productivity. I’ll keep it basic and focus on one minor technological change we made six years ago that resulted in a dramatic shift in our business. An Appointment Scheduling System can help you streamline your booking process.

When daily service volume was low in the early years, we used a daily planner and hand-wrote appointments from 2004 to 2006. This worked well for us until we had to react to customer email inquiries and arrange meetings simultaneously.

We utilized Outlook and Calendar from 2006 to 2014 to schedule appointments and reply to client queries. We used Quickbooks as our primary CRM to keep track of customer service history and other data.

Over a day, the time necessary to manually create vehicle detailing service appointments over the phone or by email response took away from the actual service. At some point, we started keeping count of how much time was being stolen away from us each day, and during the spring rush, it was at least two hours a day.

To let our clients schedule their appointments on their own, we transitioned from Outlook Calendar to Appointy Scheduling Software in the fall of 2014. As we had more time to devote to providing high-quality auto detailing services after deploying our scheduling software, we saw an increase in sales within the first year of its use.

There are a few things to keep in mind while deciding on a car cleaning service because it’s an expensive investment. You don’t want to squander your money by employing shoddy car wash services. Find out how to find the finest auto detailing service by reading this article.

Inquire About Customers' Opinions and Feedback.

While it isn’t always a guarantee that you will receive high-quality service, it is in the majority of circumstances. When it comes to getting the finest outcomes, an established business will already know the best items and procedures to use. For further information on the firm, we recommend checking out other people’s comments and customer reviews on the internet.

Consult With Them Regarding Their Credentials

Verifying that the firm is licensed and insured is essential for whatever service you are asking for. Knowing whether a firm is certified may be helpful. Because they’ve received the necessary education and training, a certified firm can guarantee the best supplies and processes for your auto detailing project. With an approved business, you can’t go wrong.

What about the warranties?

If you’re not pleased with the work, inquire about the company’s warranty policies. When you know that your money will be protected and that you will be completely happy, it provides you with a sense of security.

Those that provide high-quality auto detailing services are confident enough in the quality of their work to give a warranty on their work.

Is it possible to get mobile detailing from them?

A mobile vehicle detailing service is a priceless perk for clients. The leading automobile detailing firms provide mobile services for the finest customer service and client experience. You don’t even have to get out of your chair or pick up the phone to make an appointment; the firm will take care of everything for you. Don’t accept anything less.

Your everyday routines will be minimally disrupted by the top auto cleaning firms, who will complete their work on your vehicle in less than 24 hours. Keep appointments with firms that require more than a day to complete. You can’t get by without an automobile.


Take a risk and do something you’ve never done before. Your auto detailing business will remain stagnant as long as you don’t change anything. When you’re a service provider, time is money, and maximizing income should be your main priority.

At PAD we offer top of the line car detailing service. If you’re interested in getting your car detailed you can view our services HERE. Check out our other blog articles to get updates and learn more about car detailing