Ceramic Coating in 2022 - The Best Choice For Any Car Enthusiast

A true game changer for your cars future longevity.
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No More Waxing...

You just got a car wax that immediately lost its surface shine within a day or two. Now, you have to wax your car again to keep it shining. Trust us we’ve been there more than we can count. Trying to keep your vehicle’s shiny gloss and the vehicle’s paint job intact can be a very tiring task if you have to do it constantly. We know you don’t want to do that because neither do we. With a whole wide set of different things you can try to help maintain your car, it can get incredibly overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we were once stuck on the fence about ways to increase the durability of our cars too. That was until we came across ceramic coating and it changed the game for us. We wanted to go over everything you need to know about ceramic coating as well as why you should consider getting a ceramic coat for your car. So let’s jump right into it.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating has become popular within the last decade and helps vehicle owners protect their car exterior from a plethora of hazards such as minor scratches, debris, harmful UV rays, dirt & grime and much more. The ceramic coating itself is an exterior paint. When we apply it to your vehicle dries creating a hard outer shell for your car. Think of your car as an insect with a new exoskeleton providing extra hardness and durability. 

It’s a combination of silica and titanium dioxide and when combined they form a bond that creates a hydrophobic property. Essentially once it dries it becomes a resistant layer that will repel any liquid that comes into contact with it. With its water-repellent properties, ceramic coating is in incredibly high demand. When it comes to ceramic coating there are 2 different types and each type has different pros & cons when it comes to its properties, application techniques, and level of protection that it will provide your vehicle. We’re going to compare the differences to help you make the most informed decision for your ceramic coating.

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Types of Ceramic Coating

Spray Coating

Spray coating is a thinned-out solution that allows you to easily spray the solution onto the surface of your car, wipe it off, and let it dry, and you will see immediate effects from the painted surface. There are two kinds:

Teflon Spray

When you combine Teflon and silicone you get Teflon spray. The ingredients create a mixture that mimics attributes of ceramic coating. If you want a cheap ceramic coat then Teflon sprays are what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, this spray is susceptible to swirl marks from cleaning because of the softer materials used to create the solution.

Silica Dioxide Boost Spray

Another spray-on solution that is closer to that of true ceramic coating but still isn’t quite there. This solution contains a lower percentage of silica dioxide or titanium dioxide. The same spray application process applies here. Silica dioxide boost spray offers similar features to that of Teflon spray coating.

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Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano ceramic coating is a condensed solution that grants immaculate protection for many materials including paint, chrome, glass, and much more. We call it nano ceramic because of the nano-technology. This allows the solution to flow into the minuscule cracks and holes of porous materials on your vehicle.. When it comes to nano-ceramic coating there are 2 different types you can consider.

DIY Ceramic Coating

You might be considering trying to coat your car by yourself. With DIY ceramic coating, you can typically find these products at your local hardware store or online. Unfortunately, the solution is not as powerful as professional high-grade coatings. The main draw is for individuals who like to take the time to apply the coating by themselves. The percentage of silica ranges from 50% to even as high as 85% for particular brands. Another drawback is that the results of doing it DIY are unpredictable. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and money applying a ceramic coat that doesn’t actually protect your car for the stated length of time.

Ceramic Pro Coating

If you’re looking for a highly concentrated ceramic coating then you might want to consider Ceramic Pro Coating. This ceramic coating application is specifically provided only for certified detailing professionals. This will ensure that they handle the coat application properly. You can apply Ceramic Pro to car paint, vinyl or other paint protection film coatings. There are many more ways to apply Ceramic Pro so be sure to ask your local detailer about your options. All professional ceramic coating products are backed by a specialized warranty. Be sure to keep your eyes open for solutions that could potentially be knock-offs.

How Much Does It Cost?

Consider your budget when you are looking to get a ceramic coating done. The price of coating can vary depending on how you decide to approach coating your car. Taking it to a detailer will obviously be more expensive than if you decided to apply the coating yourself. Consider how many coats you plan to apply, the size of your car and how much maintenance your car needs.

All these can add up and the cost of a ceramic coating can be anywhere from $500 to $3000. A ceramic coating is a great investment for many people that really love their cars. Talk to your local detailer about how to work around your budget. Just be wary they some detailers have overhead costs and services that you may or may not need. Always inquire and make your expectations clear so you don’t end up disappointed.

Why You Should Get Ceramic Coating For Your Car

Some great things that come as a result of applying a ceramic coating to your car are:


With the a coat, your car is essentially waterproof or hydrophobic. This means that it will repel any water, dirt, dust or other debris that might stick to your car.

UV Light Protection

Your car’s surface paint can fade over time as a result of the suns powerful UV rays penetrating the paint. The penetration of UV increases the speed at which your car will corrode and develop rust. Get a ceramic coat to completely protect your car from the sun rays.

Protection from Chemical/Biological Elements

Chemicals from brake fluid, gas, salt and even soda or coffee can be hazards to the paint of your car. Especially acids that come from animal droppings or insects that you hit can slowly deteriorate the parts of your car. The coating makes it so that the chemicals and acid cant penetrate deep into the surface of your car.

The Shine

When the ceramic coating dries it is essentially a hard outer glass shell. This shell gives the paint of your car a shiny look. This means your car will always be looking clean and elegant.

Easy to Clean

The best part about ceramic coating is how easy it is to clean. The non-stick attribute makes it easy to remove any dirt and debris that might get stuck. If you decide to apply the coating to your wheels it would also make them easy to clean.

At the end of the day, we want you to make the best decision for yourself and your car. At PAD we are always here and eager to help guide you through your car detailing journey. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to us either on social media or our website and one of our many skilled detailers would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope this article was useful to you. If you have any concerns or comments please let us know down below!