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Established in 2013

Prestige Auto Detailing is founded on the principles of excellence and quality.

PAD was established to raise the bar for professional auto detailing in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and Toronto as a whole.

We are your go-to car detailing specialists in Richmond Hill. 

Ceramic coating in Richmond hill - gts interior

Our Mission

Since 2013, our mission has been to provide the highest quality auto detailing services using top-of-the-line products. We bring excellence to the World of Detailing Ceramic Coating in Richmond Hill.

The Best Service

Our technicians use state of the art technology, a proven process, and have knowledge backed by years of experience. We provide the best professional auto detailing and reconditioning service available in the Greater Toronto Area with preservation as our #1 priority.

Ceramic coating in Richmond hill
Ceramic Coating in Richmond Hill

Preservation & Protection

As part of our focus on preservation and protection, we also work to perfect the art of paint protection film and Ceramic Pro Coatings. We will never compromise on quality and seek to always give our customers the best in auto care. Our Ceramic coating in Richmond hill is known as one of the highest quality services.

Personalized Experience

At PAD we are eager to make sure each person who walks through our door receives a personalized experience that caters to their and their vehicles needs for years to come. 

Ceramic coating in Richmond hill

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PAD offers a full range of services for the restoration, preservation and maintenance of your vehicles’ exterior and interior. We offer affordable specialist detailing and paint correction service for exclusive vehicles.

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